Alphonse Capone Enterprises (ACE) of St.Charles, IL and 35 miles west of Chicago introduces Roaring 20's Tommy Guns Vodka to the US market. After three years of research and development, ACE presents a four times distilled rye vodka imported from Poland. Vice President of Sales, W.G. "Bill" Brooks III, jokingly stated he thought it would be more fitting if the vodka was imported from Al Capone's home country of Italy, but could not find an Italian distillery. Instead, he had the vodka bottle made in Italy. True to the Roaring 20's theme, the vodka bottle is a Roaring 20's Tommy Gun, hand-blown, and stands 19" tall. The original Thompson sub-machine gun was 36 inches long, weighed over ten pounds and fired 1000 rounds per did the job.

Brooks spent many months on the phone and Internet trying to find a glass manufacturer who could produce a one-piece Tommy Guns bottle. Maybe it was the spirit of Al Capone or just luck, but a specialty glass company in Italy accepted the challenge and produced the bottle.

Once the Roaring 20's Tommy Gun was approved, the challenge was to select one of the finest tasting vodkas in the world. After much research and "blind" tastings, a distillery in Poland provided the unique, ultra-premium vodka that was demanded. There is a saying at ACE that goes something like this…If Capone only wanted the best, than his name sake company Alphonse Capone Enterprises will only produce the "best"!

Roaring 20's Tommy Guns Vodka arrived in the United States in January of 2005. The vodka is now being distributed into four states and by July 2005, six states will be added. By then, Roaring 20's Tommy Guns Vodka will be found in Canada, Germany, China, New Zealand, and Australia. As Brooks says, "The growing pains are challenging and exhausting, but the unbelievable market acceptance throughout the world makes for a satisfying work day". Brooks goes on to say, "Our goal is to be in all states in two years, and most major countries by the end of 2008." Helping to realize these goals is the pre-approval of Roaring 20's Tommy Guns Vodka for sale in all the Army and Air Force bases in the world. It took one and a half years for approval, but our service personnel will now have a vodka fitting their macho character, yet one reminiscent of the freedom and excitement of the Roaring 20's.

Brooks is confident that Roaring 20's Tommy Guns Vodka will be one of the top three selling vodkas in the world. He says, "First, we have a world class vodka and most importantly, the only "theme" vodka in the world. The theme represents the most notorious and entertaining eras in our history….The Roaring 20's". He adds, "Other than one rum product, there's not another themed spirit on the market. And given the choice, our market research shows our demographic, 21-39 years old, overwhelmingly prefers the Roaring 20's theme to being a pirate. And there's the deal you can't refuse."

The future for Roaring 20's Tommy Guns Vodka is promising as well as challenging, and there are plans currently being developed to introduce Roaring 20's Tommy Guns Tequila before year-end. Move over Al Capone, there's a strong organization ready to take control.

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